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Professional Licensing and Grievance for Lawyers

Texas Professional Licensing Lawyers

Allegations of professional misconduct or violations of professional ethics can result in censure and difficulty in obtaining or keeping a professional license. At the law office of Muller & Sommerville, our attorneys represent lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, real estate agents, and other professionals in cases involving grievances before the Texas Board of Examiners. Working with our own investigators if necessary, we gather evidence, information, and pertinent documents in support of our client's case. We ensure due process is afforded our client, exposing any attempt to distort information or inject politics into the licensing process.

If you have passed the Bar, are a law student attempting to gain admission to the Texas Board of Bar Examiners, or are a professional who has been denied licensure, contact Texas professional licensing and grievance lawyers at the law office of Muller & Sommerville today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Attorneys and Grievance Hearings

People who have passed the bar may be denied a license to practice law if the Texas Bar believes a candidate's past behavior raises questions about his or her fitness to practice law. Our attorneys have extensive experience in counseling and representing clients who face an investigative hearing before the Texas Bar on allegations of misconduct. These allegations can range from practicing law without a license, to providing legal advice without a license, to conducting questionable legal services or engaging in business practices as an attorney prior to being properly licensed.

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It's important to retain legal counsel in professional license disputes in order to assert your rights and check the arbitrary exercise of bureaucratic power on the part of licensing boards. To schedule a free consultation in order to discuss your case, contact the law firm of Muller & Sommerville today.

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