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Post-Conviction Relief

Tarrant County Post-Conviction and Collateral Relief Attorneys

After you have exhausted all direct appeals from your criminal conviction, legal actions are often still available through the courts to help you seek the freedom you deserve. Attorneys at Muller & Sommerville, P.A., have achieved a great deal of success in motioning the court for collateral and post-conviction relief, including federal and state writs of habeas corpus and Rule 3.850 motions. When these motions are made, the court hears arguments concerning issues like inadequate representation by an attorney, violations of due process, or other legal reasons to set aside your guilty plea or conviction.

Helping Protect Our Clients' Rights and Achieve Their Freedom

In Texas, Rule 3.850 motions provide collateral relief for people after the court's judgment and sentence have been affirmed on direct criminal appeal in non-capital cases. When you think this type of post-conviction relief might be right for you, it is important to contact an attorney quickly. These motions must be filed within two years of the time the judgment and sentence became final.

At Muller & Sommerville, P.A., we also fight for post-conviction relief for people in capital cases, after the death sentence has been imposed and affirmed on direct appeal. We have achieved many favorable results for people already convicted and who are under sentence of death, or who are facing life sentences.

Our experienced attorneys have also defended clients in post-conviction actions for civil commitment of sex offenders under the Jimmy Ryce Act. This act calls for the involuntary and indefinite commitment of people defined as "sexually violent predators" at a treatment facility. We know the impact this has on people accused of sex crimes and their families, so we challenge civil commitment aggressively.

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