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Mail and Wire Fraud

Tarrant County, Texas Wire and Mail Fraud Lawyers

In order to prove its case, the prosecution must convince jurors that the accused intended to commit fraud when conducting business through the mail or when electronically transferring money. In general, there must be evidence indicating the intentional use of fraudulent information to deceive customers, businesses, banks, or individuals. At the law office of Muller & Sommerville, our lawyers work with investigators, forensic specialists, and computer experts in challenging charges of mail and wire fraud against our clients. We identify assumptions on the part of investigators and prosecutors that are circumstantial in nature and are not supported by hard evidence. Even if fraud occurred, the prosecution must still prove that you knowingly acted as an agent to defraud others as opposed to an unknowing agent acting under the orders of someone else in a business organization.

Even if there is a paper trail linking you to mail or wire fraud, a guilty verdict is not a foregone conclusion. To learn how we can help you, contact mail and wire fraud attorneys at the law office of Muller & Sommerville today.

Allegations of Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud

The law office of Muller & Sommerville represents clients charged with committing mail and wire fraud in connection with the following:

  • Mail order businesses
  • Check kiting
  • Transferring money to an offshore bank account
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Tax evasion
  • Stock purchases

White Collar Crime, Mail / Wire Fraud, and Charges of Conspiracy

In white collar crime investigations, it's not uncommon for conspiracy charges to be introduced in order to widen the scope of an investigation. Once conspiracy charges are levied against the accused, the hearsay rules that protect a defendant against unsubstantiated claims outside of court, are suspended. This is often used to extract plea bargains from suspects in order to charge others in a crime. With hearsay rules suspended, those who had little - if any - knowledge of mail or wire fraud can find themselves targeted as a prime suspect.

Our attorneys challenge testimony provided by witnesses for the prosecution, exposing plea bargains that create a self-interested motive to tell the prosecution what it wants to hear. We interview witnesses that contradict the claims of the prosecution, providing information that points different directions away from our clients.

Criminal Forfeitures and Wire Fraud

It's not uncommon for state and federal authorities to seize or freeze the assets of someone indicted on charges of mail or wire fraud. Since a criminal forfeiture is a civil proceeding separate from the accused's criminal trial, the outcome of the one does not effect the other. However, initiating a criminal forfeiture can make if difficult for the accused to provide for his or her defense.

At Muller & Sommerville, our attorneys are prepared to challenge and fight criminal forfeitures that often little more than a tool used by the government to compromise a defendant's ability to defend themselves. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and learn how we can help you, contact mail and wire fraud attorneys at Muller & Sommerville today.

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